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Installing and customizing shareThat on a WordPress Site

shareThat is an official WordPress Plugin so implementation is fast and easy.  Installing and configuring the shareThat plugin is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Install the plugin onto your WordPress site.
  2. Create a shareThat account and customize the promotion (optional).
  3. Add the shareThat Widget to the site or add the shareThat shortcode in a page and/or post.

Step 1: Installing the shareThat plug-in

I’ll assume that you know how to install a plugin into WordPress.  If not, detailed instructions for installing the shareThat plugin can be found here on the site.

Don’t forget to Activate the shareThat plugin.

Step 2: Creating a shareThat account and Customization

This step is optional  but highly recommended that you do for best results. Creating an account allows you to customize the look and feel of the promotion including matching your site’s colors and uploading your images and logos.

Connecting Account

Creating a shareThat account is free and easy.  To get started, simply click on Connect under the shareThat menu option in the WordPress admin dashboard.  This will display a page that allows you to Create and account or to Connect an existing account.  Click on the Create a New Account button and complete the form to create a username and password.   Once you have created an account, you are ready to customize the shareThat promotion.    After creating an account, you will automatically be taken to the shareThat Settings page. If not, you can always select the Settings option under the shareThat Menu in the WordPress admin dashboard.


Once you have connected a shareThat account, you can customization your promotion.  Simply click on the settings link under the Popped-up or Shortcode Appearance heading.

The first customization is selecting the promotion Type.  shareThat currently offers 4 type of promotions (games):

  • Spin To Win – a wheel of fortune type of game
  • Memory Magic – match hidden images
  • Search to Win –  a classic word search game
  • Picture Scramble – unscramble a picture into the original picture.

Each promotion has game specific settings that you can customize for your site/customers.  These customizations may be branding opportunities, advertising opportunities for your site sponsors, products you sell, etc.  Take full advantage of customizing the promotion to maximize the value you get from the shareThat promotion and end-user engagement.  In addition to the game settings, you can customize the colors, images and social messages for the game.

Step 3: Add shareThat Widget and/or Shortcode to site

You need to provide a way for customers to find the promotion.  The easiest way is to simply add the shareThat Promotion Widget to you Sidebar.  This is done by selecting the Widgets page (under Appearance in your WordPress admin dashboard) and dragging the shareThat Promotions widget to the appropriate sidebar area.  With this done the shareThat promotion is now active on your site.

You can also add the shareThat shortcode to pages and posts.  For more information on using the shareThat shortcode, please read the Using Shortcodes article.

 Congratulations, you are done!

If you want Usage Statistics, Customer Leads, or to maximize your Ad revenue, upgrade the shareThat promotion to a paid plan.  See our pricing page for more information.


Interstitials are display elements you define that pop up between games played by a participant. Since it is common for a site visitor to play a game multiple times during a single visit, interstitials dramatically increase your ability to engage visitors and drive conversions.

Some important facts about interstitials…

  • Interstitials can be used to drive actions within your site, or to generate revenue from your advertisers.
  • CTRs on intertitials typically run 2-20% or more.
  • Frequency caps and windows can be specified to ensure appropriate user experience and enhance effectiveness.
  • Impression and click counts are reported within the shareThat application, and can be tracked with Google analytics or other third party systems.

There are several different types of interstitials available for you to choose from. Each offers different features to help you achieve our marketing or revenue objectives.

uploaded image interstitial

Uploaded & Clickable Image Interstitials

Uploaded image interstitials represent the simplest form of interstitial. You simply upload an image that you would like displayed. You also specify the target URL of a page to display in a new browser tab when a visitor clicks on the image. The target URL can be a page on your own site, or a third-parties site.

With clickable image interstitials, instead of uploading an image you specify the URL where the image is externally hosted. This is useful if you plan to use the interstitial in an affiliate arrangement with a third party that requires that the displayed image be hosted by them.

iframe interstitial

<iframe> Interstitial

Using <iframe> interstitials, you can embed virtually any kind of content that you wish. The illustration here shows our interstitial asking the promotion participant a question. We used a free account at to create the form. We then used the embed <iframe> code provided by to create our interstitial.

iframe interstitial

Facebook & Twitter Share Interstitials

Facebook and Twitter share interstitials are useful in driving free viral traffic back to your site. The user is encouraged to share the promotion on Facebook (or Twitter) because when a friend or follower who enters as a result of their sharing wins, they will win the same prize too.

All links in the Facebook shares or Twitter tweets created link back to your site.

iframe interstitial

Facebook Comment Interstitial

Facebook comment interstitials very effective at increasing the facebook comment activity on any page you choose. Since comment activity on a page creates social shares on Facebook, these interstitials can be very effective at generating free viral traffic back to your site.

Social Traffic

Facebook Share
Facebook Share Dialog
When one of your site visitors completes a promotion, a share dialog pops up within the promotion area encouraging the user to share the promotion with friends.

Using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, your participants create social activity that drives traffic to your site.

All shared links drive new visitors back to the page on which the original participant played the game. An ideal strategy would be to place shareThat promotions on specific pages that benefit your most (e.g. product pages, pages generating advertising revenue, newsletter signup pages, etc.)

Using Shortcodes

It is quite easy to include a shareThat promotion in a post. To place the fully interactive promotion, simply use the shortcode [sharethat]. The promotion will be rendered 600 pixels wide as illustrated here.

If you would like to render the promotion to appear as the clickable widget image (as it does in sidebars), use the shortcode [sharethat_widget]. As shown below, the promotion will display as the image you have set for the widget, and when clicked will pop up the fully interactive promotion.


Welcome to our shareThat blog. Here you will find helpful tips and specific information regarding the shareThat Marketing Platform and how to turbo-charge your marketing efforts with gameified promotions. Our blog is a work in progress, and we would certainly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

We will be posting here as frequently as we can so check back often. And, as always, feel free to enjoy our Spin To Win promotion. Who knows, you just might win a hundred bucks!

For additional information on shareThat, please visit our main web site.