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Interstitials are display elements you define that pop up between games played by a participant. Since it is common for a site visitor to play a game multiple times during a single visit, interstitials dramatically increase your ability to engage visitors and drive conversions. Some important facts about interstitials… Interstitials can be used to drive… Read More »

Social Traffic

When one of your site visitors completes a promotion, a share dialog pops up within the promotion area encouraging the user to share the promotion with friends. Using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts, your participants create social activity that drives traffic to your site. All shared links drive new visitors back to the page… Read More »

Using Shortcodes

It is quite easy to include a shareThat promotion in a post. To place the fully interactive promotion, simply use the shortcode Social marketing platform.. The promotion will be rendered 600 pixels wide as illustrated here. If you would like to render the promotion to appear as the clickable widget image (as it does in sidebars), use… Read More »